Custom Cotton Labels


Here you can design your own soft cotton labels. We can impregnate your name, logo and font. Choose between 3 different kind of labels. We can print up to 3 color fonts or logos.

Our labels are made of finest and softest cotton only and are therefore one hundred percent scratch-free. We achieved this by taking the time to extensively test and research each material. Since we also use our labels for baby and children’s clothes, we had to made them scratch-free and ultra soft.

The process is very simple:

1) Order the desired quantity of labels.
2) Send us an email to and don’t forget to attach your logo.
3) After that we will send you our drafts. If you like it, we will start to produce it.
4) In about 6-8 weeks you will have your labels at your doorstep.

Let’s get started!


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